Welcome To The Central Church Of Christ!

We are the Church of Christ which meets at Harrisonburg, Virginia. We are trying to reach lost souls, and change our community one person at a time.


About The Church 

We assemble every Sunday from 10am-12pm and again at 6pm. Bible study lessons on Wednesday nights at 7pm. 



We are nondenominational, predenominational, antidenominational followers of Jesus the Christ. We only use the Bible as our basis for all things, and we do not accept manmade creeds or worship practices within our congregation. We love all people and wish to meet everyone from the community and we welcome visitors to the area as well. 
What makes the Lord's Church different is that you can actually find our name in the Bible (Romans 16:16) and we do not discriminate against anyone, for we know that all people need Christ and as His followers we aim to help people both see Him and Know Him through our actions (John 13:34-35).


The Churches of Christ were established upon the day of Pentecost, as prophesied by Jesus Christ, and as fulfilled by the apostles (Acts chapters 1-2).

This Congregation Was Established In 1956.

The Central Church of Christ initially met in the houses of some of the members.

Then an opportunity opened up to meet in an old abandoned funeral home near court square, and that is where the saints who assembled at the time were until they constructed the current establishment here at 822 Country Club Rd.

Since 1962, this building has stood strong in the community and has helped to motivate, encourage, and uplift countless people who have really needed the Lord and His people.
We are a people who have served in the past, are serving people now, and will continue to serve others all the days we are blessed with in the future!

Meet the Minister

Layne W.

Layne White II

Gospel Preacher

Layne White is our current preacher. As a minister (a servant) he preaches the Word of God and is ready, willing, and able to meet with anyone in the community to discuss any topic in the Bible, or about life. 
His other works include holding personal Bible studies with members and with people in the community, going to visit the sick and the afflicted at the local hospitals, and also defending the Bible against those who would seek to destroy it.

Layne White is just one of the people here who truly cares about people, and wants to help them spiritually, any one of our faithful members share that same zeal and compassion for others so please feel welcome to come by and worship with us!


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